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Records of Grace Baptist Church indicate that the church was established in 1877 by the members of Hyco Baptist Church.  The first meeting of record is dated August 19, 1878 with 200 members.  A 1920's picture of Grace Church with wood siding is on the bottom right.  Grace Baptist Church was the meeting location for North Fork and Grace until 1974 when North Fork withdrew from membership and began a full time church ministry.  Grace church called its first full-time pastor in December 1975.

The buildings of Grace Baptist Church have changed significantly over the century.  A picture of the original church building with brick, offices, and the educational building is located to the top right.  It has been remodeled several times, but now houses three adult Sunday School classes and the church library.  The old educational building was added in 1971, which houses Awana Puggles, Cubbies, and Trek on Wednesday evenings.  A new paved parking lot and sidewalks were added to the orginial structure in 1985.  In 1997, the Fellowship Hall, which is a separate building behind the main church building, was completed.  In 2004, the current Sanctuary was completed.  In 2012, the Family Life Center was complete.

We have a longstanding history in the community and many of the original founding family members still attend Grace Baptist Church.  But no matter where you originate from, you can always find a home here.

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